Mesa builds the ruggedized platforms used by U.S. Military, First Responders, Bomb Squads, SWAT Teams and Search & Rescue. These platforms must be highly mobile, robust and easy to use. Mesa incorporates two other important criteria into our products – versatility and cost effectiveness.

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Whether you are trying to move parts around your facility, assemble components with tight tolerances or inspect product prior to shipping to your customers, we are here to help. When no one provides a ready-made solution, we can customize equipment to your unique specifications. Regardless of whether you need mechanical design support, programming, machining, assembly or wiring, we can integrate with your staff to fill your specific technical or manpower needs.

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Mesa has the quality processes in place to ensure the panels we ship match the drawings you provide, the first time and every time. When you don’t have drawings, our team of designers can develop the documentation needed to fabricate the panels and maintain the equipment. Our team can provide UL listed panels and certified drawing sets. Our processes allow us to build both one-of-a-kind and OEM panels economically. Our team of programmers can customize a solution to your process needs that combines the latest HMI and PLC technology. 

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