Robotic Solutions

MTI has a proven track record of success in the design and development of a full spectrum of robotic systems for the U.S. Military, federal agencies, civilian & local governments and major industry clients. System designs are developed working in close collaboration with our customers to ensure the most cost-effective solutions are achieved.

Our technical experience includes:

  • Vehicles, Chassis, Drive-trains, Payloads, & Attachments
  • Diesel/Gasoline Engine Propulsion, Hydraulic Control Systems
  • Ground Support Equipment:  Shelters, Equipment Racks, HVAC
  • Military Vehicle (HMMWV) Payloads & Vehicle Modifications
  • Multi-Axis Manipulators & Actuation Mechanisms
  • EOD System Hardware

Robotic platforms used by U.S. military, first responders, bomb squads, SWAT teams and search & rescue must be robust, highly mobile and easy to use. Mesa Technologies (MTI) also incorporates two other important criteria into our products – versatility and cost effectiveness.


Each MTI robotic vehicle is designed to accommodate a wide range of payloads such as manipulating arms, sensors, cameras, disruptors and weapons. They are capable of deploying other robotic platforms as well. Payload adaptability is quick and easy to accomplish on all MTI vehicles, allowing the user to assess the situation at hand and quickly configure the robot on the fly for specific missions. As new payloads are developed to meet ever changing environments they can be readily adapted to the basic robotic vehicle. MTI’s robotic vehicles are ideally suited for cooperative operations with unmanned aerial and surface vehicles to provide effective collaborative system control of ground-to-air-to-sea assets.

Cost Effectiveness

The cost effectiveness of our vehicles is based on the maximum utilization of commercial off-the-shelf hardware. Customers can also realize cost-savings by purchasing a basic platform, then adding payloads and attachments as their budget allows.

MTI also serves the industrial and automotive industries with robotic solutions. The projects are typically fast-paced and require significant integration of in-house and contracted resources in order to meet demanding schedules. The resources to provide the systems are also utilized for production activities.