With years of experience collaborating with those who deliver and generate power, Mesa Technologies provides value across many aspects in custom builds for the energy market. Knowing the requirements, challenges and solutions to issues in this field give our customers confidence in choosing Mesa Technologies. Many of Mesa’s employees are co-located in several utility companies, building that experience stronger year by year.

airforce_research_lab2 Air Force Lab
Mesa Technologies worked with the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Robotics Research Group (AFRL/MLQF) in the joint development of robotic systems for military force protection and civilian applications. This effort was comprised of four distinct phases: 1.     Manufacturing Analysis and Prototype Development of Robotics Systems 2.     Design, Development, Evaluation and Demonstration of […]
new_coater4 Chemical Processing Skids
Mesa was contracted for the installation of a new coater technology. The coating is applied as a gas which is absorbed by the glass during the just-formed sheet phase, while the glass is still molten. The new coater was added to the existing glass line in a very dated facility. Mesa’s scope of supply was […]
mis_system1 Contact Processing System
Mesa designed and supplied a production data acquisition system and automation for contact loading. System details include: Automated loading and unloading of electrical contacts High performance database server with networked clients Collection of data from automatic robotic loaders Data analysis for robotic unload station and bucket conveyor Independent user interfaces, HMIs and a real-time marquee […]
picatinny1 Exposive Ordnance Disposal
MTI has worked with Military for developing Explosive Ordnance Disposal robot systems, spare and upgrade parts for these systems, accessories and other support hardware, laboratory and electronics supplies, including expendables as well as engineering support activities. Under the contract MTI supplied a Scorpion II robot for research and development. [Show slideshow]
crt_inout_turntable1 High Load Indexer
Mesa provided design, fabrication, testing, runoff and shipping of a CRT turntable in accordance with customer procedures and the Mesa Quality Assurance program. The turntable was capable of 4,000 pounds dynamic load and 30,000 pounds static load. Mesa provided the following: 7’ diameter turntable capable of 4,000 pound dynamic load and 30,000 pound static load […]
c346_ilvs_odh1 Inline Vehicle Sequencing
Mesa designed and built a C346 ILVS ODH conveyor system in Knoxville, TN. The complete conveyor system was then shipped to and installed at the assigned facility. The multi-line conveyor system designed and built by Mesa included: [Show slideshow]
cormetech1 Plant Data Collection System
Mesa developed and supplied a data collection system for the automated production of ceramic extrusion. The system included web-based applications with database back-end support. System design and details include: Mobile carts for shop floor with wireless networking and touch panels Multi-tiered data tracking system for assembly and inspection Replacing paper-based module packets and improving reporting […]
50tonpress1 Press Upgrade
Mesa delivered a press upgrade for removal and replacement of an existing control system and hydraulic system for a 50-ton press. Mesa provided specification, procurement and integration of the new hydraulic system. The process included design, fabrication and integration of the new control system including a touch panel for operator interface and control.
gantry_manipulator1 Remote Material Handling
Mesa developed, tested, demonstrated and produced three gantry manipulators for a government facility. Mesa’s scope of work included design of a system capable of interfacing with other waste treatment process equipment necessary to fill casks remotely and to provide containment sufficient to meet storage, transportation and disposal regulations. Each gantry manipulator is capable of providing […]
US Army Centcom
Mesa received an order for 27 robots from Centcom Contracting Command. The base system required design modifications to incorporate an extended arm (72 reach) and higher speeds (6 mph). The design modifications were completed in four weeks and all parts were in fabrication five weeks after receipt of order (ARO). Initial assembly began eight weeks […]